10 minutes Snatch practice


Run 800m
30 Power Snatches 135/95lbs
Run 800m
For time


Don't despair…Sean and Alisa are smiling on the inside!  They just finished a row workout.  Remember when you trained in a globo gym?  Ever see  a rower in a globo gym?  When the globo gyms had a rower did you ever see anybody on it?  Nah..not really.  Do you know why?  BECAUSE ROWING WELL IS HARD WORK!  If it were easy you'd see whole studios of Concept 2 Rowers.  You'd hear women in the globo gym telling their friends, "I'll meet you at the rowers."  You don't hear that.  No, but you'll see them line up to use the treadmill.  Treadmill=Easy.  ROWER=EFFECTIVE.  Oh and that guy in the background is a United States Marine.  When he's not in the mountains, desert or jungle of some far-off land he lifts heavy weight and does double-unders and other "hard" exercises.  You know why?  Because it's hard.  And hard makes him stronger, more fit and mentally tougher.

You're welcome!





Did you catch The Biggest Loser last night?  Some of the top CrossFit athletes and coaches were on the show putting the contestants through the paces CrossFit-style!  Check out Bob Harper does "Fran" – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov](Courtesy Of CrossFit.com)  Bob Harper is one of the personal trainers on The Biggest Loser.  The above highlight video features Harper doing "Fran" in 6:24.  Not bad!

CrossFit Suffolk Top 5 "Fran" Performances from January 4th 2013:

Jon B.:         2:35

Mike L.:       2:57

Sal:              5:54

Stephen L.:  6:11

Alex:            6:16



Why I Train      "So then, why do I do it?

The answers to this question are
both intuitively obvious to me, and yet at the same time a bit of a
challenge to articulate. After quite a bit of reflection however, I've
arrived at 3 primary reasons for why training has been a pivotal
component of my life for the past 30 years.
"Charles Staley for TNation.com



Are you ready for The Gala Event Event of 2013??….The Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk After-The-Holidays Party!!!

WHEN: Saturday January 19th

WHERE: At the gym…where else would we do this?

TIME: 7 pm

WHY: Why not?

WHAT's In Store: Getting to hang out with the best
people and socialize while wearing clothes other than sweats, shorts,
funny shoes and chalk.  Eating, drinking and festivities with music
supplied by Long Island's own, DJ Relevant!

Please let us know if you'll be attending or not.



Compete in the Open!  Yes, I'm speaking to you.

CrossFit Games 2013


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