CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Paving The Way For CrossFit In Suffolk County!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Paving The Way For CrossFit In Suffolk County!

For time:

500 meter row


4 rounds of:

20 sit-ups

10 burpees





30 Day Paleo Challenge

Please read the Whole30 Program from Whole9.  This program offers the best guidelines and explanations for the Paleo eating style we can find.  This link will let you know what you can eat amd what you can’t eat.  If you’d like to lose weight or would like to enhance athletic performance do the challenge.  This is the best way to “clean-out” your “system”.  It’s only 30 days.  If it doesn’t work you have the option of going back to your preferred eating style.

Please let us know whether you’re accepting the Challenge or not.

We linked plenty of excellent sources to help you prepare and answer your questions, but if you still have any questions please ask.  This challenge works well for everyone who does it corrrectly and stays with it.  The only thing that could not make the challenge effective is your better plan! 

The Challenge starts on Sunday at midnight.  The “Challenge” is following the guidelines everyday, all day and night long, for a month.  The “Challenge” is not resorting to your old habits.  The “Challenge” is battling Resistance which will do everything in its power to keep you from improving yourself. 

You are not “out” if you eat (or drink?!) something you weren’t supposed to.  Please don’t call us to confess your sins.  Just get back on the path.  Realize that the more you follow the guidelines the better the results.  You cannot “clean-out” if you are violating the guidelines. 

Give the 30 Day Paleo Challenge a try.  You’ll be impressed with the results!—George

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