CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Now We Know What Our Overhead Squat Is Telling Us!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Now We Know What Our Overhead Squat Is Telling Us!

3X3 Pause Front Squats (3 seconds at bottom) – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


4 rounds for time of:

6 Box Jumps 30/24?
12 C2B Pullups
12 OHS 65/45#



In the midst of the 500-rep chaos that is unofficially known as “The Filthy Fifty”, Katy was able to take advantage of this photo opportunity!




Now We Know What Our Overhead Squat Is Telling Us–Do A Diagnostic Check, Mobilize Properly and Get Stronger!

We all know how to squat or more specifically, overhead squat.

Or do we?

A better question may be, “How can I get better at the overhead squat?”

This question and much more was answered on Saturday afternoon by our very own Jon Belmonte.  Jon took 90 minutes to break down the overhead squat and reconstruct it in a way that anyone with rudimentary movement skills could easily apply.  The result was a better understanding of the overhead squat, the problems associated with its execution and how to correct the problems.  Even those with near perfect overhead squats enjoyed a series of stretches and exercises that enabled them to be “warmed-up” specifically for the overhead squat in a faster, more efficient manner than they previously knew.

During the What Is Your Overhead Squat Telling You? seminar, Belmonte, a doctor of physical therapy, owner of Max Effort Physical Therapy, competitive CrossFitter and former Division 1 lacrosse player, gave a detailed lesson on what occurs during the overhead squat and what goes wrong.  The explanation was given in layman’s terms and easily understood.  The majority of the seminar was spent on fixing the issues.  Belmonte was able to provide information that instantly improved the overhead squat.  Any single corrective method Belmonte provided was worth the price of admission, but Jon provided numerous ones.

As an athlete the information was valuable to the enhancement of your technique.  As a coach the information was valuable to better identify problems and correct them with greater clarity.  Jon had the key ingrediant for what separates good seminars from not-so-good–you are able to apply the information right away and see a dramatic difference.  You cannot beat this winning formula regardless of the topic.  The fact that I spent a mere 90 minutes learning how to move more efficiently and help others move more efficiently was definitely time well spent.  I look forward to the next topic in the Saturday Seminar Series!

You should too!–George


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