CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Mike W. and Jenna Make It To The Podium At The 631 Throwdown 2.0!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Mike W. and Jenna Make It To The Podium At The 631 Throwdown 2.0!

Workout of the Day :

7 minute EMOM: 3 Power Clean & Jerk

[Notes: Start the Clean & Jerk at 60% 1 rep max.  Add weight each minute.  Drop weight by 20 lbs. when you cannot complete 3 “touch and go” reps.  Touch and go means the plates touch the ground and you immediately go into the next rep]

6:00 AMRAP of:

3 Muscle-Ups

12 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65#

20 Lateral Hops

Rest 1:00

3:00 AMRAP of:

5 Muscle-Ups

15 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65#

30 Lateral Hops

[Notes: Substitute muscle-ups with pull-ups.  Shoulder to overhead means Press, Push Press or Push Jerk.  Lateral Hops are done over your barbell.  If you are unable to hop laterally then step over LATERALLY.]

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


We are extremely proud of Team CrossFit Suffolk because of events regarding the 631 CrossFit 2.0 competition.  We explained in yesterday’s post, how the competitors performed and how they stacked up in the standings.  Today I’d like to recognize the people who came out to support the team and please forgive me if I miss anyone: Janie, Cindy, Carol, Millie, Beth, Amie, Joe M., Annmarie, Al, Tricia C., Kelly, Ashley, Brian, Alisa, Ben, Denise and Mike D.  We’re all busy on Saturdays, but you all came out to support the athletes.  It meant a lot to them and us.

What I’m most proud of though had nothing to do with training or competing.  While I’m sure those involved will not think it was a big deal it was to me.  Jenna finished 2nd in her division.  Jenna wasn’t going to to do this competition.  As a college student Jenna, like most hard working college students, was a bit short on two things: free time and money to spend on non-essentials.  A competition that costs $100.00 to enter is a non-essential.  Jenna made the most of winter break and trained hard.  When asked if she was competing she said no because she couldn’t pay the entry fee.  Instead of saying, “Well maybe some other time“, Kelly, Andy, Beth, Carol, Vinny, Mike K. and Jen D. stepped up and paid Jenna’s way.

When we started CrossFit Suffolk/Spartan Performance, Lisa and I had a good idea of what we wanted it to be like.  We liked how CrossFit was into “community”.  We wanted to have great training, but we also wanted to foster that sense of close community between members.  Nothing pleases me more than when a CrossFitter visiting from out of town tells me how they enjoyed the “vibe” and the people at our gym.  Some have written us notes or sent cards just to let us know,  as one visitor put it, “you have something special going on inside your gym“.  We have so many of our own members that work behind the scenes to build equipment, make repairs or just make helpful suggestions and they do it without being asked.  That is something special.  Lauren returned to coaching a mere 16 days after having a baby.  She asked me if I would let her resume.  That was humbling for me.  That’s something special.

When Kelly, Andy, Beth, Carol, Vinny, Mike K. and Jen D. helped Jenna compete that was something special.  That act of kindness meant more to me than how anyone performs in the gym or in competition.  Jenna asked me to extend her appreciation and let you all know how grateful she is.  In a world that seems absolutely crazy at times experiencing these kind of acts restores my faith in humanity.   We might not change the world, but we can make small pieces of the world a better place.  Hopefully what we do has a positive ripple-effect that spreads far and wide.–George



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8 Responses

  1. lisa

    what a good looking bunch!!! 🙂 great job to all that competed this weekend! we are all soo very proud of you! ..and thanks to all that came out to suport them! you are all soo awesome!! yyyYYYAAyyy team Spartan! XO keep up the good work guys!

  2. Kelly R

    George & Lisa
    I hope we all continue to work hard and make you proud. You both give us the tools to do so and the environment in the gym is like no other.
    What I am so proud of is that literally it was like myself, andy, mikey kals, Vinny, carol, beth & Cindy all looked at each other at the same time and decided we need to support and encourage a friend and that’s all we did.
    Thank you to all the other Spartans that got word of it and tried to chip in also.
    Awesome job to all!
    It was really fun and exciting to watch you all compete! Can’t wait to do it again !

  3. Jen D

    Actually by the time i went to give Kelly my money for Jenna so many other people had already volunteered and given Kelly enough money that I didn’t need to chip in… This is what I love about this gym … Everyone is so supportive and thoughtful of each other…and again great job to everyone Saturday 🙂

  4. Jenna R

    Words honestly can’t describe how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. Thank you all so much! Crossfit Suffolk is like another family to me. this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you all for believing in me 🙂

  5. lisa


    Thats is soo awesome that you all got together to extend that kind of support for a friend! you guys have such big hearts..Im very proud of all of you for stepping up like tht! We are soo fortunate to have a box filled with caring and generous people- thank you all for contributing! its a great communtity to belong to and we are fortunate enough to have you all there right with us! keep up the good work! stay strong! <3

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