CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Melissa D. Takes 3rd at the 2014 NPC Atlantic States Championship!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Melissa D. Takes 3rd at the 2014 NPC Atlantic States Championship!

Congratulations to Melissa D.!  Melissa took 3rd at the 2014 NPC Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championship on Saturday in the Women’s Physique division.










































Less than a month from now we’ll be hosting the Edged Weapons Overview course (July12 and 13th) presented by a friend of mine, Craig Douglas.  Craig went by the name “SouthNarc” for many years and that is how he is still known in the training community.  The reason for the pseudonym is Craig spent a career making sure bad people went to jail while at the same time, when he was able, sharing survival tactics to members of the law enforcement and military communities.  As a prior member of the law enforcement community and a member of the law enforcement training community I’ve had the opportunity to train with some of the best in the business.  Many I remain good friends with.  This is the first time we’ve brought in a member of these special communities to present survival skills to folks that are not a member of the law enforcement community.  We believe very strongly that the skills, strategy and awareness that Craig presents is essential to know and that Craig is the best at delivering.  Part of the reason we put so much stock into what Craig teaches is he’s a “been there, done that” guy.  He understands, more than most, what it feels like to be in a real life and death confrontation.  Craig has a good handle on what works and what probably won’t.

For those thrown off by the course name, Edged Weapon Overview, it simply means part of what you’ll be learning is how to defend yourself with a sharp instrument.  The course is so much more than that, however.  The participants will learn about and practice how to manage when bad people initially make contact.  This section of the course is worth the price of admission.  If you have no experience with dealing with bad people this part of the course is eye-opening.  Even if you have experience dealing with criminals the drills Craig puts participants through are eye-opening.  If you’re not sure what you would do, what you should do or how you should respond when a potential threat approaches this training provides solutions.

If the thought of having to defend yourself or having to defend yourself with a knife is revolting then I respectfully suggest you need this type of training more than anyone.  The principles you’ll learn can be applied to any weapon or empty-handed survival skills.  The drills Craig has participants go through are practical and will teach you much about yourself.  The awareness gained, about yourself, confrontations and real violence is invaluable.

Having spent most of my life studying self-defense I have heard the arguments for why it is unnecessary.  I’ve heard, “If you mind your own business….”, “if you don’t hang out where bad people hang out….“, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong…” and the list goes on.  To these things I always say, “I hope you’re right, but hope is a bad strategy.”

For more information or to register for the course click here: EDGED WEAPON OVERVIEW (July12 & 13)

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
1×3@70% 1RM
1×3@80% 1RM
1×3@90% 1RM

4 rounds for time of:
10 hang power snatch. 115/75#
20 box jumps. 24/20″

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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