CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Improving Humans Since 2008


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Improving Humans Since 2008

12 minute AMRAP:

5 dumbbell or kettlebell snatches, left hand

5 dumbbell or kettlebell snatches, right hand

7 push-ups

20 sit-ups





Kelly C.




Why I Broke Up With My Barbell and Cheated On It With My Atlas Stone     “Barbells allows you to use your hands, but with something like an Atlas stone, you are utilizing pretty much every muscle of the body just to pick it up because of the lack of use with your hands.“—Amber Larsen for Breaking Muscle
IT’S TWO  DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be advised…there are only 5 spots left!  Please let Jon or George know as soon as possible that you will be attending!


Saturday Seminar Series #1:  What Is Your Overhead Squat Telling You?

Presented by Dr. Jon Belmonte,  Max Effort Physical Therapy

The Overhead Squat (OHS) is the most diverse functional movement performed by Crossfit athletes.  The completion of the OHS requires a special balance of; joint mobility, flexibility, strength, and coordination.  Dysfunction in any one of these areas can affect an athletes ability to complete a correct OHS.  This seminar is intended to educate Crossfit athletes and coaches on problems associated with Overhead Squatting.
Seminar Highlights:
* Basic Anatomy
* Posture evaluation
* Overhead Squat Assessment
* Common movement impairments and causes
* Accessory stretching and exercises for movement correction
* Q&A
Location: Crossfit Suffolk Gym
Cost: $20 per person

Attendance will be limited, Please see George or Jon B to sign up.  Cost of attendance required when signing up to secure your spot.

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