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With a continuously running clock do one 135 pound Clean and Jerk
the first minute, two 135 pound Clean and Jerks the second minute,
three 135 pound Clean and Jerks the third minute… continuing as long
as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Courtesy of ExRx.net:

Clean and Jerk

Courtesy of FightAuthority.com, a compilation of real time C&J performed by several lifters followed by a slow motion view of the lift:

Clean & Jerk compilation (slow-mo)

For inspiration watch Dimas, courtesy of Youtube.com, Clean and jerk:

YouTube – Pyrros Dimas World Record Clean & Jerk (No Sound)

Courtesy of Staleytraining.com:

Realize Your Leverages
For Maximum Progress

By Phil

To truly
tap into our maximum
potential we need to identify our body
structure, our natural
leverages, to identify our strengths and
weaknesses. Like
all else in training and nutrition the cookie
cutter, one
size fits all approach only goes so far.
There is a lot
of dogma out there as far as the
“correct form”
for every lift, when in fact what is strong
and safe for
you may be horrible for another, and vice

here to read it now…

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