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Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads and body weight to comments.

Compare to 080831.

Coach Mike Burgener, International Weightlifting Coach owner of Mike's Gym in California at Guerilla Fitness, CrossFit affiliate from Montclair, NJP1010605 

We attended the Olympic Lifting Certification over the weekend and it was OUTSTANDING!  Coach Mike Burgener has taken years of public school physical education teaching experience, weightlifting competition experience, Olympic Lifting coaching experience and finally United States Marine Corps experience and combined it into one of the best training programs on any topic I've ever attended.

Coach Burgener is a "Been there, Done that" type of coach who is also an effective communicator.  The very best coaches in any field are the men or women that can speak from actual experience and can break down what they are teaching/coaching in a way that makes it easy for the trainees/athletes to understand.  Burgener is the epitome of this concept. 

The final ingredient for Coach Burgener's effectiveness is his passion for both lifting and for coaching.  Burgener's love for teaching and lifting performance clearly comes through in his instruction.

We highly recommend this certification.  The CrossFit community is extremely fortunate to have a partnership with a coach of Burgener's caliber.  We would recommend this course to any coach, including those with no interest in the Olympic Lifts, to further their education in coaching.  Burgener's coaching style can carry over into any endeavor.  Burgener also shares numerous drills and exercises that can be used by anybody coaching athletes for any sport.

We'd like to thank Gregg Arsenuk, the owner of Guerilla Fitness in Montclair, New Jersey, for hosting Coach Burgener.  Guerilla Fitness is a top-notch CrossFit facility, spacious, fully equipped and staffed with excellent coaches.  For those of us living in Eastern Long Island the good news is Gregg has arranged for most of the CrossFit Cert's to be held at Guerilla Fitness and it's only an hour and half away! It's actually easier and faster for us to get to Guerilla Fitness than CrossFit South Brooklyn and CrossFit NYC when comparing negotiating traffic and the local streets that have to be traveled.

We'd also like to thank Keith Wittenstein of CrossFit Virtuosity, Jon Gilson from Again Faster and Erica, a national lifting competitor for their tremendous assistance in improving our technique during the Olympic Lift cert.

Of course one of the best reasons to attend a certification course is getting to meet other CrossFitters.  This one was no different…the attendees were great.  We got to network and improve on skills other than the Olympic Lifts while on break.  A good time was had by all!

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