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The quote below is from the comments for Saturday on crossfit.com. 
The quote is from Coach Glassman.  Coach is responding to a crossfitter
who commented about the form of some of the competitors in the video
that was posted on Saturday.

I copied this quote because failure
to pay attention and get sloppy is something we're all guilty of
occasionally.  I recommend everyone watch the video on crossfit.com and
understand what Coach is saying.

"They aren't misinformed or ignorant; they refuse to pay attention and/or execute on that knowledge.

Much of the technique I saw in the video reminds me of someone
crossing the street without looking both ways first. I don't understand

Additionally, there is no tension between good to great technique
and record output. Sound mechanics are the singular approach to
expressing world class, or for the individual, optimal, performance.
Efficicient and effective movement IS sound technique and ALWAYS
improves work capacity – the holy grail of human performance and

——–Greg Glassman———

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