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Rest Day

CrossFit Suffolk was graced yesterday, once again, with the presence of Gillian and husband, Mike.  Gillian did "The Bear" for the first time and completed it with 95 pounds!  Lee finished The Bear with 75 pounds and Janie did the workout with 33 pounds.  Janie wanted to go up in weight, but we wouldn't let her!  The Bear for those of you you haven't seen it or don't know what it is can view it here, courtesy of CrossFit.com:  Bear Complex WOD…[wmv][mov].

Gillian can often be found helping out at the CrossFit Gymnastics certifications.  She gave a muscle up "clinic" after the workout.P1010376 

Mike and Gillian at the CrossFit Games, along with Dave and Jacinto from CrossFit NYC

(photo courtesy CrossFit NYC)

Devin came up with this gem of a workout:
4 rounds for time of: 50 double unders
                                 40 situps
                                 30 1 pood kettlebell swings
                                 20 pushups
                                 10 burpees


Results:               Devin:    23:11
                           Larry:     24:41
                           George:  34:48
                           Mike:     36:20


Back squats  5-5-5-5-5

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