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Rest Day

Athletes and trainers from CrossFit Suffolk got together with athletes, trainers and coaches from CrossFit NYC, “The Black Box”.  We trained and barbecued……working out and eating, what’s better than that?  A good time was had by all!

Dave Lipson from CF NYC treated us to a power demonstration: one hand snatching up to 135lbs.!  Dave finished 14th at the CF Games 2008


Gillian Mounsey, CF Games 2008 3rd place winner, walks around the CF Suffolk facility on her hands like most of us walk on our feet!  Amazing!


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  1. Larry-CrossfitSuffolk

    I would like to thank everyone who came down from the “Black Box”. It was a pleasure working out, talking, and eating with you all. Hope to train with all of you again!!

  2. Gillian Mounsey

    Thanks for having us out. We had an incredible time. You guys are the best! Your enthusiasm and spirit are contagious. We can’t wait to get together again. Pimps vs. hos for a rematch. Let’s plan our next group WOD (and party of course)

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