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Push jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Push Jerk…[wmv][mov]


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The following link is for a news story concerning the rescue of an American businessman held hostage in Afghanistan.  When the subject of "best athletes" is raised we often refer to the men from the Special Operations community of the military.  The Special Ops guys aren't usually thought of as elite athletes outside the military community, but this story is further evidence

Being dropped by helicopter in some of the most unforgiving terrain on Earth, in complete darkness and having to travel 3 miles to your destination which includes 2000' elevation and then engage the enemy while rescuing a hostage and not losing a good guy is an athletic event of the highest order.  Performing this under the stress of combat or the stress of being discovered makes this a world class athletic event like no other. 

Think about this when the "greatest athletes" subject comes up!

Courtesy of the NavyTimes.com:

Exclusive: Inside a U.S. hostage rescue mission – Navy News

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