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Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Compare to 080629.

Courtesy of Stronglifts.com:

How to Bench Press with Proper Technique & Avoid Shoulder Injuries

More and more evidence has been coming out advancing the case for properly warming up and stretching dynamically, actively moving through a range of motion as opposed to static stretching, holding a muscle in a stretched position.  The latter is said to actually weaken the muscle.

The warm up we generally use consists of shoulder dislocates, squats, OH squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, the Burgener warm up, supermans along with leg swings warms the body and works all the joints.

Courtesy of the NY Times:
Stretching: The Truth

Amongst other items regarding fitness training, Dragon Door is mainly the home of the products of Pavel Tsatsouline.  Pavel is largely responsible for the popularity of kettlebell training in the U.S., in modern times.  We don't sell Dragon Door products, but the instructional books and videos are well worth the investment.  Having trained a bit with Pavel the thing that always impressed me is how strong yet flexible he is.  I've seen stronger men, but none that possessed that kind of strength and that degree of flexibility at the same time.  I've seen Pavel drop into a full split without any kind of warm up or "stretching" exercise.  The same can be said about many trainers who got their start with Pavel.

The below article is by Eric Cressey and appears courtesy of DragonDoor.com:
A Quick Reference Mobility Guide

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