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In honor of “Jeremy”

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Overhead squats

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We were at our favorite Law Enforcement website this morning.  A website filled with news from the law enforcement community as well as training issues, videos and equipment reviews.  One article stood out and caught my eye today.  The article is about how prisoners stay in top condition in their cells.  The article’s author suggested we Google  “prison workout routine”.   So I did.

There were plenty of entries under this topic, but it seemed that most of the information  focused on one exercise.   One secret body weight conditioning drill that would give bad guys speed, power and explosiveness.  That exercise was our beloved Burpee.  We say “our” because before CrossFit we had never heard of a “Burpee” and had never seen one.  The closest we came was the Burpee’s first cousin, the Squat Thrust. 

Apparently prisoners perform the Burpee in sets “descending from 20”.  Perform 20, the first set, 19 the second set, 18 the third set…….  That makes for a lot of Burpees, 210, to be exact.  There is no indication that the prisoners perform the routine for time.  Still, 210 burpees is 210 burpees.  No small feat.

The best thing about the article is it was written to make cops and correctional officers aware of how prisoners are not only conditioning themselves for survival in prison, but also for when they get out.  The article is meant to motivate law enforcers to prepare themselves for the moment when they have to fight with one of these released prisoners.

Here are the take home lessons:

The convicts have nothing but time on their hands.  They can afford to spend much of their time working out.  They can roll out of the rack and start working out.  Cops on the other hand have responsibilities which don’t leave much free time to workout.  Too bad!  Cops need to find the time because you can’t afford NOT to workout.

There are a bunch of bodyweight exercises that can be combined for a very intense workout.  You don’t need a gym or equipment.  You don’t need to go to prison to do 210 burpees.

Cops who don’t CrossFit yet should visit the CrossFit website (www.crossfit.com), find out how a burpee is done and try it.  When you’re done consider the fact that there are men who you may confront someday that will be willing to fight you and can do 210 or more burpees in one workout.

Ask yourself if you’re prepared to face a violent offender who has achieved this level of conditioning.

Something to think about.

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