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Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Courtesy of Staleytraining.com.  The author states, among other things, that "CrossFit hates everyone".  Of course I disagree with this assertion, but he does make some good points and we get his message.  Some people may get upset, but we just aren't that sensitive.

 …….BUT IF YOU DON'T CROSSFIT YOU SUCK!   (Just kidding)

We haven't met any haters at any of the training sessions or certification courses.  CrossFit reaches out to anyone who has something to offer regarding functional fitness and enhanced athletic performance.  CrossFitters aren't "into" or impressed by the working- out- to- look- good that many gym members subscribe to, but this doesn't amount to hatred.

A Human Condition

By Phil

Something that I’ve been
pondering, and is seemingly jumping out
to me from every
corner of late is when, where, and why did
the human race
start to desire, and seemingly love
negativity and drama.

seem to live on putting
one another down, or getting joy out of
seeing others fail,
or others have it worse off then them.
There is a lack of
bettering ones self by progressing, and
instead a focus
on putting others down in order to make
your existence appear

here to read it now…

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