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Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
15 L-Pull-ups
Hip Extensions

Post rounds completed to comments.

Courtesy of CrossFit.com:

The question and answer is from the CrossFit Message Board. 

Diffence between back extension and hip back extension?



Newsworthy article that won't get much attention from most news outlets, but should.   Another example of why we believe, when discussing great athletes or great athletic performance, you have to include the men of the military's special operations command.  These men are highly trained and part of that training is being in outstanding physical condition.  Their level of fitness leads to everything else they acomplish.

10 Green Berets to Receive Silver Star for Afghan Battle
December 12, 2008
Washington Post
Ann Scott Tyson

After jumping out of helicopters at daybreak onto jagged, ice-covered rocks and into water at an altitude of 10,000 feet, the 12-man Special Forces team scrambled up the steep mountainside toward its target — an insurgent stronghold in northeast Afghanistan.

"Our plan," Capt. Kyle M. Walton recalled in an interview, "was to fight downhill."

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