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As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 D/B Overhead squats
10 D/B Shoulder Press
10 D/B Deadlifts

5 reps per hand on each exercise, one side is "loaded" the other is not.

Deadlifts done with db next to you, "suitcase" style, not in front of you.

40 lbs. D/B for men

30 lbs. D/B for women

Once upon a time, before someone came up with the 2 lb. pink, rubber coated dumbbell, dumbbells were used by men as part of a strength training program.  And they were HEAVY!  The below photo is of Thomas Inch, an old-time strongman best known for having his own dumbbells made.  Inch's dumbbells shared two distinct characteristics; they were very heavy and thick handled.  Inch is best known for pressing his 172 lb., 2 1/2 inch thick handle dumbbell–a feat attempted by modern day strongmen, but not often replicated.


photo courtesy of ditillo2.blogspot.com/2008/05/greatest-all-ti…

Courtesy of Youtube.com:

YouTube – Thomas inch dumbbell

Courtesy of CrossFit.com:

Dumbbell Vertical Press

By Mike Rutherford

In Exercises

January 01, 2007

PDF Article

assessing the most functional of upper body movements, it is tough to
argue against the efficacy of vertical pressing movements (a.k.a.
overhead pressing). Those individuals who labor for a living routinely
take items and place (press) them over the head onto something else. If
you work around your home you’re often placed in a position of
extending the arms above the head to retrieve or replace a needed item.
If you participate in outdoor activities, the roof of the car often may
carry equipment such as a bike, canoe, or kayak. Therefore, I
officially rank vertical pressing as my number one choice for
upper-body strengthening movements.

Dumbbells are the perfect tool for vertical pressing for a number of
reasons. They are well suited to the anatomy of the shoulder, allowing
the glenohumeral joint to follow a natural path as the weight is

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