CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps



Chin-ups: The King Of Upper Body Exercises   "Most bodybuilders would be jealous of the back development of top-level gymnasts and kayakers. And their conditioning programs center on – you guessed it – chin-ups. Many elite police organizations, such as Special Forces units and SWAT teams, require a minimum number of chins to be performed before a candidate can get into their programs. This is because, unlike the dweeb pulldown machine, chin-ups are a true test of real-world strength."—Charles Poliquin–

Who Ever Said Lifting Heavy Things Ain't Cardio  "All I'm saying is that I feel it's waaaaaaay over-emphasized, and that people have no idea what the term "cardio" really means -  as if all that "BRISK" incline wallking you see many people do on the treadmill six times per week while they watch The Price is Right (or Grey's Anatomy, depending on the time of day) is somehow superior to placing a barbell on their back and squatting it."Tony Gentilcore


From Robb Wolf's outstanding, highly recommended book, The Paleo Solution:The Original Human Diet:

     "Some of you, however, may think you have no issues here.  You have eaten grains, legumes, and dairy your whole life and are "fine."  Well, maybe.  But I suspect that is not the case.  I'll bet that if you completely remove these Neolithic foods from your diet for one month, you will notice a dramatic improvement in how you feel and perform.  Why?  Because if you are consuming these foods, I'll wager you have gut irritation and other systemic inflammation issues."                


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