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 For time:



KB Swings (53/36 lbs.)



 World MMA Light Heavyweight Scouting Report: #2-Gian Villante  "At #2 on our 2011 World MMA Light Heavyweight Scouting Report, Ring of Combat Heavyweight champion Gian Villante (7-1) takes his place as one of our top three light heavyweight prospects to keep an eye on in the future. He was signed by Strikeforce last week to participate in the third reserve bout of the heavyweight grand prix tournament, but he'll likely fight at 205 pounds if he isn't utilized in the tournament down the road. He's one of the best prospects in the weight class in North American, and as you would expect — he has a well-rounded skill-set, athleticism, and one of the best support systems in the Northeast region to help him progress to the next level."—Leland Roling via Bloody Elbow

   Congratulations and Good Luck Gian!  Gian Villante, a Long Islander, trains at D'Arce Brazilian Jiujitsu (Bayshore) and Bellmore Kickboxing Academy


Why Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Is A Good Thing  "Although the cool-down has long been touted as the main tool in a runner’s arsenal to combat muscle soreness by flushing out lactic acid (which is still important), research suggests that the warm-up is more important to reducing DOMS. One of the world’s leading researchers on the subject, Dr. Priscilla Clarkson of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has demonstrated how important it is to get out and warm up before competition. By increasing the muscle temperature by 1 degree Celsius before eccentric training, the amount of muscle soreness experienced by athletes is noticeably reduced."—Mackenzie Lobby via Running Times 


Be Hear Now  "The formula for improved performance is simple: high contrast living. When resting, rest deeply; when engaged, engage completely. If you’re not going to devote all your resources to a process, you can’t expect to get much out of it."—Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal 

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