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50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

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Compare to 091029.

Scaling for double unders is triple the reps in singles. 



When your own body weight just will not do have someone pile 90 lbs. on your back and create a less user friendly platform to push up on!  Tattoos are a plus, but not necessary!!  The baseball cap may act as an early warning indicator that you are about to smash your face into the ground if you are inclined to relax prematurely.  No athletes were injured during the taking of this photo…..or at any time of this exercise.


Nutrition: Study Finds Eating Nuts Helps Cholesterol  Another study that demonstrates, though it doesn't spell this out exactly, that the Paleo "style" of eating will both, keep you healthy and make many of the studies on nutrition unnecessary. 

Processed Meat Linked To Higher Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk   Hey…did Paleolithic man "process" meat?  Hmmmm….  You'll notice one researcher recommends "whole grains".  Why do I get the feeling that we are a few years from the media reporting that a new study suggests "whole grains" aren't good for you either? 

Human Potential  "The limits of human potential are beyond anything that you or I can readily perceive. The walls that we trap ourselves within are of our own creation. Illusions. They’re all illusions."  —Craig Weller, Barefoot Fitness.

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  1. Mike D

    I did this at home, my ceiling in my garage is too low to do double unders so I did box jumps. Used 30″ box following same rep scheme. Did it in 12:23. Janine used a 12″ box and did it in 15:33. I should make it in tonight.

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