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3 Rounds for time of:

20 Dumbbell Thrusters

500 Meter Row

20 Box Jumps


Lou….The Warrior


George& Lisa with Jackie and Lou


We were visited yesterday by our good friend Lou Hayes and his lovely wife, Jackie.  You have probably read some of Lou's work from The Trinity Training Group and he had an article published recently in the CrossFit Journal.


We were watching a special on Animal Planet that featured obese animals.  Here's what they all had in common:

They were taken care of and sheltered by man.

They didn't move around very much.

They ate people "food".

Most of them did not live very long.  One large racoon had a thyroid problem.  C'mon…really?  A thyroid problem…why is it no wild racoons have thyroid problems? 

Many of the "pet" owners were….ready for this….obese as well.

The amazing thing about the show is they never attributed the obesity to the fact that the animals were eating a mostly processed food diet and they were getting very little exercise.

Do you think these pets are too large for the same reasons many people are obese…poor diet and little exercise?  Hmmmmmm.

If it hasn't been done yet someone should jump on the concept of Paleo For Pets!


What We're Missing In The Weight Room

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  1. David

    That’s funny. My fog Maya has been doing CrossFit with me for the past few weeks. Well, OK, she only does the running part of the WODs that have runs in them, but she’s lost a full pound since she’s started. Now she get’s excited when she sees me put on my stop watch!

  2. George

    Feed Maya lean meat not dog food and watch what happens!
    Have her row once in a while instead of running…alright maybe she can’t row, but she can do box jumps!

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