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American Swing vs. Hardstyle Swing  Pavel, the man who is most responsible for the popularity of kettlebell use in this country, comments about the Hardstyle Swing as compared to the American Swing.  The American Swing is the one used by CrossFit.  The "Hardstyle" swing (kettlebell to about chest level) is actually the Russian Swing which is used by Pavel and most other kettlebell instructors.  Pavel does not mention CrossFit in his comments.  We have no dog in this fight….both Pavel (and his certified instructors) and Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) present good points for favoring one swing over the other.  Personally we prefer training athletes to perform the Russian or "hardstyle" swing first because the hip drive is emphasized while the arms have little responsibility.  Training athletes to do the American Swing (going over head) first tends to make athletes place emphasis on using the arms more than is necessary or desired.  Once the hip drive is understood then adding the swing over head is acceptable. 

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