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Sorry….Morning sessions canceled due to the inclimate weather!

Evening sessions canceled!





You Are What You Absorb  "The frustrating part for many is that they can be eating what many would consider to be a perfect diet but still have issues. Simply put, it doesn't matter what you eat if you can't absorb it properly due to a digestive disorder."—John Meadows, for TNation.com

This Is For The Ladies  "Females want to get “toned,” right? I hate to burst your bubble but there isn’t any such thing as toning or shaping a muscle. Muscles can only get bigger (hypertrophy) or smaller (atrophy). Now to make those muscles look better, you need to shed the fat around the muscle and make the muscle bigger. This can all be done by taking a leap of faith with me and changing what you have always done. Stay with me. You may think I’m crazy, but the research is out there and I have been in the trenches seeing women transform their bodies by simply…lifting heavy weights!"–Matt Skeffington, for Elite Fitness Systems

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