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Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Compare to 090922.



Amie is so cool she can wear a long sleeve sweatshirt with a popped collar and land a perfect box jump with her eyes closed and still make the workout look easy!



Teenage Girl Hailed For Helping Fallen Runner  This young lady "gets it".  Helena Page stopped to help a runner who collapsed.  Not wanting to be disqualified, the other competitiors ran by the fallen runner.  Page, knowingly facing disqualification, stopped to do what was right. 

Damien Walters Interview and Video  If you've been a regular on the Spartan Performance blog you've probably seen the video of Damien Walters, the "Parkour Guy".  It's so good we don't mind showing it again plus Mike T. Nelson of Extreme Human Performance interviews Walters.  We're thankful for the interview because when we first posted the video we were asked all the questions that Mike asked Damien!  If you're looking for a great example of body control feast your eyes on this video!  

7 Simple Steps To get Lean And Healthy  Good article from Paul D'Arcy via Elite Fitness Systems.com.  Paul outlines the principles of the Poliquin BioSignature plan for eating.  Poliquin is a very respected coach in the strength and conditioning community….his BioSignature plan looks very similar to the Paleo Diet. 


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