CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


10 rounds for time of:

15 Sit-ups

5   Strict Pull-ups


The secret can now be revealed…the real reason Ninja wear that mask has nothing to do with hiding their identity….


………..it's to cover patches of thinning hair!!


Sea Of Change Coming To Wash Your Shoes Away

MRSA Report  MRSA, as in the infectious skin disease.  Posted for those of you who engage in combat sports.  The author, Jason, from Smash Pass, is a grappler and a microbiologist.  

Posture-Why Your Back Hurts  Outstanding!  READ everything by Craig Weller of Barefoot Fitness  

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  1. My excuse was today was ” I dont want to subject all of those nice people to my grumpy butt” not just grumpy but down right foul. My workout partner and business partner and everything else partner (you guys know her as Mary) insisted I go “you’ll feel better”. BS, I said but I went. I walk in to a handshake from George and a smile from Lisa (I hate when Marys right) Still not in even a good mood, but better. Warm up’s and watching everyone do the WOD gets me a little better. Hector rolls in (quite literally) and I realize im just a plain old bitch. I have been going to Spartan Performance/ Crossfit Suffolk for 2 months now. Never have I been as encouraged and motivated just by the people around me. Thank you all just for being there last night. I needed a boost and as usual you came through in spectacular fashion. Heading out now for some sumo deadlift high pulls.

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