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For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

Post time to comments.

Compare to 080803.

Those of you who cannot or should not run due to injury, surgery, medical condition, etc. will be assigned a different workout.  For those of you who are not motivated to run we'd like you to watch the link below and leave your comfort zone for a while.


"In 2003, Hector Delgado lay in an induced coma after a fuel tank fell on the Marine in Iraq. Today, thanks to a workout called CrossFit, he considers exercise a '"livelihood."  -Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2010-


Hector Delgado: Wall Street Journal Video Article  Our very own Hector has made the big time!  An interview in the Wall Street Journal…video, online and print version!  We are fortunate to get to train with Hector on a regular basis.  If you're reading this and have never met Hector you'll enjoy the video, but more importantly, you'll be inspired.  We are left in awe when we think back to the 20 months ago when Hector started CrossFitting…when a single push-up or a single sit-up was a challenge.


So You Hurt Your Lower Back

Common Injuries- The Shoulder


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  1. CraigH-Diablo CrossFit

    Imagine my surprise when I saw CrossFit in my WSJ this morning at 5AM! What an awesome story. I am motivated and inspired by Hector. Just what I needed today. Thanks, buddy. Thanks a ton!

  2. OK, I am sending this link out to WAY MORE than my usual email list. This one goes out to all the grandmas and couch potatoes!!! Thanks Hector and George for a great story.

  3. George

    We’ve worked with various media before, but the Wall Street Journal was exceptional. They really did a great job with a great story about a great guy!
    Special thanks to Mike Levy, the Video Producer. Mike pitched the story to the Wall Street Journal. Mike isn’t just a great videographer…he’s a CrossFitter!

  4. Hector D.

    Thanks for all your support guys. It has been a long road but, it would not of been possible without the support from the CrossFit community. George and Lisa have been exceptional trainers. Mike and Christian did a great job with the video and pictures. Thanks again guys.

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