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135# Clean & Jerk, 30 reps



 Strongman Training Made Practical

Should You Trust Medical Studies    "Once we give up the quest for the cure-all, we’re ready to live in the here and now, which is where real change happens after all. We contribute to our own health care and the relationships we have with our doctors. We can approach and question the research put before us when it directs our course of treatment or informs the choices we make. We can accept the complex responsibility that contributes to our overall wellness. Exchange the magic bullet metaphor for the mosaic. A healthy life is a compilation, an intermingling design formed by a thousand small acts, decisions, and questions. Each healthy thing we do, each life-giving choice we make adds animation and dimension to our overall wellness picture. There’s a curative integrity that we can cultivate for ourselves."–  Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple 


Barbells-For-Boobs, TODAY at 1pm come out and support the event being done nation-wide to raise money for breast cancer screening.  We'll be doing "Grace"–30 Clean & Jerks for time!  We'll have food and good company for all participants!  No experience necessary–first half-hour will be spent on learning the Clean & Jerk, workout will immediately follow!  Come out for a good time and a good cause!!





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