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Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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Two examples of upper body and core strength along with body control!




Performing exercises at full range of motion sounds simple and it is, but like CrossFit workouts simple doesn't mean easy.

While it is understood that CrossFit workouts require full range of motion exercises they also require intensity and racing against the clock.  Here's where exercises can get dicey.  While athletes learn the proper range of motion form starts to give way to speed if form isn't given the attention it requires.  Focusing solely on the clock and not on proper form will often result in a shortened range of motion.  Shortened range of motion will result in reps not counting and worse, strength not being developed to your fullest potential.

When form is mastered speed and strength will follow.  If form is not given priority speed and strength will only develop in the shortened range of motion that it is practiced in.  We'd rather see workouts scaled to the point that all exercises are being done properly, in a full range of motion than see great times and weight with poorly executed technique.

Bodyweight exercises done in high repetitions are the first exercises to "lose" full range of motion.  Correct this by consciously keeping good form.  While fatigue may cause form to degrade do not use this as an excuse to become sloppy just to go faster. 

Be coachable.  Most athletes respond to coaching immediately and take it for what it is: assistance to make you perform better.  Some interpret coaching as being "picked on" and are slow or refuse to respond.  The sooner an athlete responds to feedback the sooner form will improve.

Full range of motion guideline:

Push ups: chest to ground, elbows locked at top

Pull ups: chin over bar at top, arms at full extension at bottom

Sit ups: upper back to ground at bottom, shoulders to knees at top

Squats: creases of hips lower than knee caps at bottom, full extension (hips and knees fully "open") at top

Wall Ball: creases of hips below knee caps at bottom position, full extension at top

Lunge Walk: rear knee "softly kisses" ground, back is straight

Squat Clean: receive bar in bottom squat position, finish standing erect with elbows facing out

Burpees: legs fully extended, chest to ground during push up, feet well above ground during jump, arms extended overhead

Deadlift: curve in lumbar spine at bottom, standing at full extension at top

SDHP: bar travels from mid-shin to CHIN

HSPU: top of head to ground at bottom, elbows locked at top, body aligned through entire movement

KB Swing: hips "unhinged" and back at bottom, hips and knees "open" at top, arms extended, kb over or slightly forward of head

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