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Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Compare to 090210.

The CrossFit Kettlebell Certification this past weekend was

outstanding!  Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete is one of the

most experienced KB instructors in the country.  Jeff is a wealth

of knowledge in terms of the kettlebell, developing functional strength

 and the application of strength.  Experienced KB users

get their techniques tweaked and see techniques not commonly

taught by other KB instructors.  Novice KB users walk away with

a complete KB conditioning system.  Awesome!

Thanks to CrossFit NYC, "The Black Box", for hosting!

Jeff Martone performs Turkish Get Ups with humans

when the kettlebells become too light.


Jeff and his son, Michael.  Michael did a great job

assisting his Dad.


Jeff has "rebuilt" himself after being plagued by injuries,

using the kb as the tool to rehab shoulders, enhance

his range of motion, improve flexibility, develop muscular endurance

and gain incredible strength.


On March 14th Vamos Brothers Brazilian Jiujitsu will be hosting one of the most talented BJJ competitors in the world today, Ruben Charles!  The seminar starts at 1pm.  The Vamos brothers can be reached at the following:  vamosjiujitsu@yahoo.com   631-241-1000

Ruben COBRINHA Charles 

On April 19th Vamos Brothers Brazilian Jiujitsu will be hosting the only North American Muay Thai fighter who gets invited to Thailand on a regular basis, to compete, Mehdi Porouskoui, for a seminar on applying Muay Thai for mixed martial arts and self-defense.

Mehdi Porouskoui interview from Realfighting.com

KB-ONE (Mehdi's website)

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