CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 081227.




We are having a Fourth of July barbeque, as luck would have it, on the fourth of July.  The festivities will begin at 2pm.  You can workout then eat or you can just come and celebrate while you imagine how much better the food would taste if you worked out first.  The cost is a mere $10.00 to cover the dead animals and other stuff we'll be consuming as well as the supplies.  Make your payment by July 2nd please.


Chalk- If you have the propensity to make a mess or spill chalk on the floor of the gym DON'T USE IT.  I don't use chalk.  I don't believe it's necessary.  It's in the gym because some athletes have a different opinion then mine.  We will expand the chalk receptacle to make it more idiot proof.  If the expanded receptacle is still a challenge and chalk is strewn about then chalk will not be allowed in the training area.  You will, however, be able to purchase your own, keep it in your vehicle and "chalk up" in the parking lot.


"I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN DO THAT" has been said often by potenial new athletes this week.  In recent weeks we have been told the workouts look intimidating. 

First, NOBODY starts their training with the posted workout of the day.  Newbies get the workouts scaled to their level of ability and conditioning.  This means you will not have a workout that remotely resembles the workout of the day that you have observed, heard about or read about.

Second, the guy or gal doing a gazillion pull ups and pressing their body weight over their head could not do that in their first few months of training.  Those incredible athletes you observed worked in a steady progression over a long period of time to achieve those results.  Those athletes are regular people who train on a consistent basis and don't quit.  There is no secret method or supplement.  If we have anything that resembles a success "formula" it's this:

1.  Get past your negative perceptions and fears about yourself and what you believe the training is or is not.  Get past your fear of looking bad or funny….no one really cares.  The other athletes and trainers are concerned about their own performance.

2.  Try it.  It will only cost you an hour of your life.  If your not sure it will only cost you another couple of hours.  The fear will be gone and you'll see that you are able to do this stuff.

3.  Once you commit to training, progressively leave your zone of comfort.  Learn the movements well then go a little harder and a little faster.

4.  Stay the course.  Persevere!


In light of the above we will also readily state this:  CROSSFIT IS FOR ANYBODY BUT IT'S NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

We train athletes that are physical specimens of athleticism and we train athletes that have physical issues.  We train athletes that have "bad" shoulders, nerve damage in one foot, a broken collar bone, diabetes, over weight, over forty, over fifty, never-played-a sport-in-their-life, and got picked last in dodge ball during school years.  Some of the above listed people are the best performers.  They all have some key things in common:

1)  They don't let society or "experts" dictate to them what they can or cannot do.

2)  They understand that their mind controls their bodies and not vice versa.

3)  They understand that they should not allow their bodies to atrophy because one section is damaged.

4)  They understand that time waits for no man (or woman) and that they are going to advance in age being fit or advance in age growing weaker.  They choose to be fit.

5)  They enjoy challenging themselves.

We understand that there are people who enjoy the comfort of the same routine month after month.  We understand that there are "gym rats" who just want to look impressive, but not wind up breathing hard after a workout.  We realize there are people who never want to expand their comfort zone or face challenges.  We know there are folks with poor attitudes about nearly everything and take great pleasure in complaining–constantly.  We realize there are gym members who want to watch television in between sets of curls or who want to read while on the stationary bike.  These are not "bad" people, but CrossFit workouts are probably not for them.  We don't try to convince them otherwise.  We allow them the chance to improve performance and get mentally stronger.  We don't do the "hard sell".  If you believe CrossFit isn't for you you're probably right.


Questions, comments, complaints, editorials, ideas and suggestions ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED.  There is a "comments" link below every post.  Please use it. 




Patrick attended his third Level 1 certification course last weekend at Guerilla Fitness in Montclair, New Jersey.  While at the cert Patrick shattered his old personal records for "Fran" and "Grace".

"FRAN"-  2:23


Congratulations Patrick!!

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  1. Rob

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading that. Althought it was a bit depressing to find myself in so many of those categories. I have “bad” shoulders, I’m over weight, over forty, and got picked last in dodge ball during my school years.
    Luckily, I fall into the last 5 categories as well.

  2. George

    Thanks Rob!
    Fortunately you have eternal youth on your side, what’s more, God loves Marines because they keep Heaven packed with fresh souls!
    So you have nothing to be concerned about.

  3. George

    Thanks Dave!
    I’ll tell the gang you said hello.
    By the way, we’re in Holbrook. I draw the distinction because there actually is a new CrossFit in Bohemia, CrossFit South Shore!

  4. David

    So technically I walked all the way from Bohemia to Holbrook to train with you guys… that’s motivation! 😛

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