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3 Rounds for time of:

500M row

12 BW deadlifts

21 box jumps


The above workout comes from CrossFit Santa Cruz Central.




"Cardio" Causes Heart Disease


 Check out the very young athlete in this video.  There seems to be some controversy over whether or not this child, being trained to perform such feats at an early age, is the subject of abuse.  We don't know much about the boy or his family, but his body control is excellent.  We must admit, however, when the kid poses and scowls it's a bit creepy.  We report you decide!


Way To Go, Paleo!

Pushing Past The Pain Of Exertion  Basically an unnecessary article if you're a CrossFitter, but you can pass it to your friends who read while on the treadmill.

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  1. tomaso

    The kid is amazing.
    I have read the story while ago . It is impressive. I guess that he is defently gifted !!
    To all the cross fit friends : If we train hard we can be like Giuliano . Too bad that i am only 30 years older than him. :(((

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