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Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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Compare to 090510.

On a Friday night most couples go to the movies or out to dinner….not Pete, Jen, Vinny and Jen II…these folks prefer to spend a nice quiet evening engaging in a relaxing session of Fight Gone Bad


Stone rows hard enough to generate energy expressed as bright light shining through his eyes…and that's with his gi on.  You should see when he rows "no-gi"!


On October 17th Larry and Devin Ford competed in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge, a CrossFit competition started last year in the Baltimore, MD area.  The challenge started as a friendly competition between affiliates in the Mid-Atantic region.  Now the challenge attracts competitors from numerous states.  The Challenge proceeds are donated to The Wounded Warrior Project!

The official results are finally in and out of 190 competitors Larry came in 8th and Devin came in at 29th!  Congratulations guys!  Chris Karas from Potomac CrossFit in Virginia, brother of our very own Lindsay Karas, came in 20th!  Congratulations Chris! 


Support CrossFit athlete, Gillian Mounsey, as she supports our military personnel and their families.  Gillian is attempting 100 muscle-ups in an hour to raise money for Hope For The Warriors on November 14th! 


Sunday sessions starting this week!!   10am-11am


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