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Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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The following information won't help with your workout, but it's interesting to see how CrossFit has influenced the fitness community–even in the military.  It's also interesting, to us at least, to see how CrossFit is both criticized and then imitated.  Those seeking a better method of fitness, especially in the law enforcement and military communities, cannot do better than CrossFit.  What we find is individuals or organizations either accept CrossFit, reject it and fall short of what their fitness level could be or imitate CrossFit, but pretend it's something they thought of or just don't acknowledge that it exists while using CrossFit programming, concepts and terminology. 

The Marine paper was written in 2006.  The TSCA (Tactical Strength And Conditioning- A division of the National Strength and Conditioning Association) was published recently.  The Marine Corps paper references CrossFit while the TSCA article title asks "what drives the paradigm shift" in Marine fitness training, but doesn't mention CrossFit.

It's obvious from reading the TSCA article, which is laced with CrossFit specific concepts and terminology, that what "drives the paradigm shift" is CrossFit.  The author writes about Camp Pendleton but completely disregards Operation Phoenix, the CrossFit drive to raise money for equipment for the Marines at Camp Pendleton. 

We have to wonder if the NSCA-TSCA is donating money or equipment to the USMC. 

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