CROSSFIT SUFFOLK  ***  Forging Elite Fitness

As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
7 Thrusters 135 Men / 95 Women
15 Burpees

The above workout of the day is one of two workouts that will be done at the Northeast Qualifier for the CrossFit Games this Saturday.  We'll scale down the Thruster weight as is necessary.  Realize as you do this today that those who wish to be in the running on Saturday will not have the luxury of scaling down!


The Olympic Lift Workshop on Saturday was a smashing success!  Brian Degennaro addresses every fine detail regarding the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk and gets you to make improvements on the lifts immediately.  Brian focuses on lift technique and enhancement for the individual as opposed to training-the trainer model used at the Olympic Lift certification.  Brian's workshop is equivalent to having  private instruction on the Olympic Lifts where the participants get more personal attention on their technique.  We were impressed on how much information was transferred in a short amount of time.  We highly recommend Brian Degennaro's workshop to anyone interested in learning or refining the Snatch, the Clean and The Jerk.  Brian can be contacted through his blog.

Brian is not only a competitive Olympic Lifter, but an accomplished gymnast as well!  Not a bad set of skills to bring to your CrossFit game!



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