CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

 Press:          1-1-1

Push Press:  3-3-3

Push Jerk:   3-3-3


Ana not only lifted above her bodyweight in Tuesday's deadlift WOD, but she hit a new PR!



Scientist topped off the deadlift workout at 375 lbs.–after a tough session of Brazilian Jiujitsu!


Matt "the Machine" has been killing WODs.  



The Five Principles Of Counterattacking   "A good counterattack TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE of your enemy’s ineptitude; it does not give him the benefit of some (utterly misplaced) “doubt” that you may have regarding the gravity of the predicament he has cast you into. Your attacker may not know the “best” way to go after you; but you damn well better know the best way to go after HIM."—Bradley Steiner–

Squat Like A Girl  Two unknown people squatting in a gym.  One happens to be a girl, the other a guy.  One knows what a squat is.  The other and his buddies are clueless.  Apparently the guy suffers from that completely nonsensical gym rule that says "Never squat below parallel".  The guy takes this rule to new heights–he squats by barely allowing his knees to bend.




Some of you may recognize the subject of the below video—it's "Sensei" Jerry from the judo class.  Jerry was one of Hector's High School teacher's.  The video was produced by CrossFit Suffolk member, Mike Levy.  How's that for "keeping it in the family"?

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