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Eating Wheat Gluten Causes Symptoms In Some People Who Don't Have Celiac Disease  "I don't expect everyone to benefit from avoiding gluten. But for those who are really sensitive, it can make a huge difference. Digestive, autoimmune and neurological disorders associate most strongly with gluten sensitivity. Avoiding gluten can be a fruitful thing to try in cases of mysterious chronic illness."–Stephan Guyenet, Whole Health Source


 Nutrition and Diet Insanity

By George

 I was speaking to a friend who is overweight and he informed me that his father lost his sight due to diabetes.  When I asked my friend about his own diet he realized it wasn't good, but didn't really know which foods (or non-foods) he should avoid and which he should get more of.  When I asked him what his plan is to avoid the same fate as his father he really didn't have one.

Last week I was speaking to a gastroentorologist who noticed I was reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  He asked what I was reading and when I answered him he looked confused and mumbled, "I've never heard of it."  I answered, "Oh, really?", out loud, but on the inside I said, "No kidding."  The doctor, who happens to be an excellent doctor, has a huge, protruding abdomen.  He's a nice man and a smart man, but he doesn't appear healthy at all.  In fact, he looks like a candidate for diabetes or heart disease.

There is more diet and nutrition information available today than at any other time in history.  The information is available at our fingertips, yet the rate of disease and poor health is absolutely incredible.   

The government Food Pyramid recommends grain as the food group that should be consumed the most.  What?????????


I was going to expand on this issue, but I became aware of the following blog post: 9 Steps to Perfect Health: Introduction.
From this post by Chris Kresser of The Healthy Skeptic we learn:

"Diabesity (obesity + diabetes) affects more than one billion people worldwide, including 100 million Americans and 50% of Americans over 65.

  • More than half of Americans are overweight, and a full one-third are clinically obese.
  • Recent reports suggest that  one-third of people born in 2010 will develop diabetes at some point in their lives.
  • 9 out of 10 Americans will develop high blood pressure before they die.
  • 4 out of 10 people who die each year in the U.S. die of heart disease, and rates of heart disease are projected to double in the next 50 years.
  • Rates of infertility are expected to double in the next decade.
  • According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the leading cause of disability, affecting more than 120 million people worldwide.
  • ?

The above statistics are staggering.  Why does it seem like the above statistics are just being accepted as if there is nothing anyone can do?

Why aren't more people doing their own research?

Why are there people who are informed yet not taking proper action?

I have some thoughts, but what do you think?


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  1. lisa demetio

    Drew, thts a very good point! Its more laziness thn anything…
    Bc it really takes nothing to throw some cut up chicken in a pan season it like u like and toss over salad. U can cover the three food groups, protein healthy fats n carbs!

  2. Ana

    First of all, that picture is so adorable!!
    I remember this quote saying that “knowledge is potential power” which I believe is very true. What good is in knowing if you will not put it to good use? I think majority get paralyzed from taking action because of fear….fear of failure. Oftentimes before one even attempts to start something, like for example losing weight or living a healthy life, they overwhelm themselves with too many “have tos” and not really think about the real reason why they are doing it. What ends up happening is they “should all over themselves”. One must come up with a compelling reason why he/she needs to lose weight or live healthy, then that drive will help them take a better shot at achieving their goal.

  3. George

    Good points!
    I think most people need to spend more time in a hospital, walking around, speaking to sick people. I believe this would provide motivation.
    As for the government, the pharmaceutical companies have a very powerful lobby. Sickness and disease creates massive profit for some.
    We grow tons of grain. The government isn’t about to tell people that consuming grain, icluding whole grain, is a huge factor in folks suffering from some of the more common diseases. Ever see the commercial for High fructose Corn Syrup where they claim HFCS is a “vegetable”?
    Yeah right!

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