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Using a single 60lb dumbbell, 3 rounds, 15-12-9 reps of:
Thrusters right arm
Thrusters left arm
"One-arm" pull-up right arm (left hand grabs the right wrist)
"One-arm" pull-up left arm (right hand grabs the left wrist)

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If the above workout appears horrifying–FEAR NOT.  Scale the weight back on the dumbbell and scale the reps of one arm pull-ups, or do regular pull-ups or scale in other ways.  It's going to be just fine…really!  If, on the other hand, you are deeply dismayed by the fact that we don't have a 60 lb. dumbbell then load up the 5' bar (training bar) to 60 lbs. and have at it.



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2 Responses

  1. I visited your site figuring you might make some commentary about the WOD. And you did.
    OK, I did the WOD on Tues night before shift. The thrusters weren’t the issue. After struggling through six single R 1-handed pullups, I had to scale…I ended up doing regular pullups of 30-24-18.

  2. George

    Thanks for the comment Lou!
    Pull-ups are tough enough with two arms. One arm pull-ups are a whole other animal. Occassionally I’ll do a few one arm pull-ups pre or post workout, but I’ve never done the amount prescribed for this WOD.
    I believe they are good to do in case you need to “hang” by one arm for a moment in real life, not to mention it’s a great feat of strength.
    Upon first trying the one arm it’s probably best to shorten the range of motion as compared to the two arm–there’s a lot of stress on the elbow.
    Another thing that’s good to do, if you can, is “monkey bar” swing from one bar to another. This forces you to use one arm at a time to move from one bar to another and conditions you to hold your weight with one hand at a time. Some of us start at one end of the pull-up bars and “travel” down the length of the six bars without our feet touching the ground.
    Good scaling on your part Lou! Just working some one-arm pull-ups into the workout is great!

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