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When inquiring about our program we are asked, occassionally, if women do pull-ups.  There is usually disbelief from those who are not familiar with CrossFit.  The "funny" thing is many of those who ask the pull-up question are men.  Hmmmm.  Seems women "don't do" pull-ups in health clubs, but not that many men do either.  Of all the phobias that exist it seems the fear of looking bad is one of the great deterrents to achieving a better level of fitness.  Not to worry…we have the methods that will enable anyone with desire to achieve pull-ups!


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  1. Matt D

    That’s the truth about pull-ups. I was kind of embarassed when I wasn’t able to even do one pull-up, but now I can do over 15 strict pull-ups in a row, only 3 months later.

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