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So….my blog service, which is typically top-notch, enhanced the functions of the blog, but somehow my INSERT LINK function isn't functioning.  Therefore I am forced to comment about what I was going to link.  I'll provide the information so you can find the articles I am referencing.

First up, the LA Times article Exercise Can Offset Obesity-Linked Genes, Study Finds by Jeannine Stein, August 31, 2010 claims, "People with a genetic predisposition to obesity can reduce their risk of being overweight by being physically active, researchers conclude."  http://www.latimes.com/health/la-sci-exercise-genes-20100901,0,167812.story

 Nooooo foolin'.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic……alright perhaps I meant to sound a bit sarcastic.  What we have is a bunch of highly educated scientists that came to the conclusion that  "if you have a genetic predisposition for some things, you can change your lifestyle and contribute to better health".

To wrap this up–if your parents and grandparents were fat, but you exercise you can positively influence your health.  Next thing you know a group of scientists are going to conclude that people with "obesity-linked genes" would be healthier if they exercised and ate healthy food.

Imagine that.


Second item-also from the LA Times, Belly Weight Loss Wraps by Chris Woolston, August 30, 2010.  http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-skeptic-belts-20100830,0,5615287.story

Belly Weight Loss Wraps???  Does that even sound remotely legitimate?

Now no one that CrossFits would wear such a thing….especially a purple one that has the Curves logo on it, but if one of my athletes did I would surely make sure he is aware of this article.  If I did have an athlete that wore a purple neoprene band that says Curves on it I would have already informed him that such a thing was a gimmick and a poor one at that, ergo, wouldn't help him meet his fitness goals.  If such an athlete existed he probably wouldn't take my word for it anyway…after all, what the heck do I know?  Fortunately for me the LA Times article was written.  If we had an athlete that wore a purple neoprene band with the Curves logo on it I would just make sure he reads the LA Times.

Here's some highlights from the article:

"Wrap your flabby abs with the Belly Burner and sweat away the fat? Not so fast, say experts, who add that neoprene bands rid the body of water and make it harder to burn fat and tone muscles."

"In an e-mail, Waldron, the inventor of the product, said that "results will vary depending on level of activity. The Belly Burner should be used in conjunction with a fitness routine and a healthy eating regimen." {Author's comment: There's that recurring theme…a fitness routine and healthy eating!  Do you suppose that Mr. Waldron knows people will lose weight on a "regimen" of exercise and healthy eating without his product?}

"When a person wears a snug wrap around the belly, the muscles that normally support the midsection can relax, he explains, so they don't burn as many calories or get as toned as they would without the wrap. "That's why trainers are moving away from weightlifting belts. The only time I would have a client wear any type of belt is when they're coming off back surgery, and that would be under the guidance of a physical therapist or doctor."—Pete McCall, trainer, exerise physiologist and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise

"Gary Hunter, a professor in the school of nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who studies exercise physiology and fat distribution, agrees that a neoprene waist band will help rid the body of water, not body fat. He also notes that people who are overheated can't work out as hard as they would normally — yet another reason why the belts might be counterproductive for weight loss."

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