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Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:
315 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats
21 Double-unders
20 meter Sprint

Scale weight and exercise as necessary!



WR Mann, Rich and George during Saturday's seminar



100 Reps In 100 Seconds: 5 Hardcore Challenges  We posted a video recently of pro-MMA fighter Jim MIller doing one of the 100 Reps In 100 Seconds workouts.  If you missed it click here.

Interval Training Doesn't Work  from Mark Young via TMuscle.com  The article was written from the perspective of body-composition change and not so much for athletic performance.  The interesting part of the article was the Trapp Study.  The interval protocol used in the Trapp Study was 8 seconds of work, 12 seconds of rest for 60 intervals!  This adds up to about 20 minutes.  According to Young this protocol produced positive results for fat loss.  This protocol may be something to experiment with purely for the performance enhancement benefit.  We'll have to give it a try!  We'll kick it over to Lou Hayes of the Trinity Training Group as well since Lou has a thing for measuring work output!

Olympic Weightlifting VS. Powerlifting  Speaking of Lou Hayes and the Trinity training Group……  Lou has not only clearly defined the differences between the two types of lifts, he worked the fact that CrossFit is teaming up with USA Weightlifting into this article!  That's right, crossfitters can compete in the Olympic Lifts and there's weight divisions!  Lou's article contains a link for further details regarding the competition.

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  1. Mike "devil dog"

    I think it should be 100 1/2 reps in 100 seconds. I am sure this guy is tough but he would get more out of it with a full range of motion and probably couldn’t do it that quick. The stiffed legged deadlift was the only exercise that he can close to full ROM on some reps and that isn’t a great exercise to do, much less at high speed. It puts far too much strain on the hamstring and makes it really hard to keep proper lumbar curve. Your just looking to pull a muscle. Just my opinion.

  2. George

    I did notice the range of motion, but since Mr. Miller can probably kick the snot out of me I refused to criticize him.
    Seriously, I wouldn’t have one of my athletes perform the reps the way it was demonstrated, but Jim Miller is conditioning for a fight and Martin Rooney knows what he’s doing.
    I guess the question is whether performing Full ROM exercises would make that much of difference for Jim in an actual fight. I’ve seen Jim Miller fight and he’s always in excellent condition.

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