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Clean one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

Record your highest and lowest load.

Just do it…don't read into it.  Squat or Power Clean.  Start with a weight you know you can successfully accomplish.  Go as heavy as you can.  When you have to back off…back off, yes, you can start at a weight, increase the weight and then decrease the weight as the minutes go by.



Our own Mike Denicola has a fantastic blog for Paleo, family-friendly recipes and as a matter of fact it's called Family Friendly Paleo Recipes!  Mike is our resident Paleo authority, fresh off attending Robb Wolf's seminar at CrossFit South Brooklyn.  I tried Mike's Meatloaf (with Turkey) last night and it was awesome!  Mike recommends cabbage as a substitute for bread crumbs.  I'm having it for breakfast today too!!  If you're looking for a delicious, healthy way to eat the way humans were meant to eat, check out Mike's blog!

Are You Inflamed?

Rows To Help Posture?

Toilets And Range Of Motion  With a title like this you just have to read the article…not too mention our good friend Lou Hayes from the Trinity Training Group penned it! 

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  1. George

    My pleasure Mike!
    Please post more….my kids think I’ve suddenly become a chef. I’ve used 3 recipes in the last three days. Don’t worry, I’ll break the news to them soon that I was just following your directions!

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