CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


Bench Press  3×3


3 rounds for time of:

20 Double Unders

20 Sit-ups

10 Half Get-ups, 5 each side

Note: Half Get-ups are done like the first half of a Turkish get-up, only coming up to the kneeling position.  NO weight will be used for this exercise.



Not All Here  From Exuberant Animal (thanks Conditioning Research!)  "Presenteeism is a term taken from workplace studies, a variation on the word absenteeism. Presenteeism refers to the condition in which people bring their bodies to the workplace, but leave their attention at home. They’re present, but they’re not really participating in a substantive way. It’s estimated that presenteeism costs American business billions of dollars annually and is even more costly than absenteeism."–Frank Forencich–

Not All Here is interesting and accurate, but it focuses on "presenteeism" while working out or while working at a job.  There is a larger problem:  We are often in this state of "presenteeism", not just while at work or while working out, but during hours that we are "awake".

We're in the middle of the book The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Tolle articulates the point of living in the NOW like he invented the concept and his book is must reading if this topic interests you in any way.  What Tolle hammers home over and over again is what matters is RIGHT NOW, not the past and not the future because to dwell in thought of the past or future takes away your attention from RIGHT NOW.

Do you know anyone who is preoccupied with the past or is always looking forward to better things ahead?  Those people are wasting the NOW.  Ever drive on "auto pilot" where you have no memory of sections of your trip?  Sure we drive this way at times, we walk around like this—there times we aren't paying attention because we are "lost in thought" about something that happened or something that may happen.

It's such a common problem that most people won't even consider it a "problem".  If we are "living" this way during ordinary moments it stands to reason that when we get to the gym we'll operate in the same exact way.

I believe one of the main factors that attracts CrossFitters is the intensity factor.  Not just because of the obvious–the heart pounding feeling it produces and conditioning results it produces, but because while your heart is pounding and you're pushing yourself IT IS DIFFICULT TO THINK ABOUT ANYTHING BUT RIGHT NOW.  The workout is a welcomed distraction from the problems of the day, the problems of the past and what may happen in the future!  An intense workout keeps you in the present and makes you feel alive!


  Evolutionary Fitness   Clarence Bass writes about Art DeVany of Evolutionary Fitness…a man in his 70's who happens to be in awesome shape and he attributes that to Paleo eating, Intermittent Fasting and short, intense workouts.  We were DeVany fans even before we CrossFitted!  DeVany's book is set for release in December!


THIS SATURDAY, July 17th, we are hosting Realfighting.com's WR Mann for an Edged and Impact Weapon Defense seminar!!  There are still a few spots left.  

Cost: $90.00, but if you PRE-REGISTER it's $80.00.  Take $15.00 off for every person you get to register. 

From the Realfighting.com Newsletter:

SATURDAY JULY 17 SEMINAR: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM   
Most people I meet, who are interested in learning self-defense, quickly volunteer that their main goal is learning unarmed defense! How unrealistic, aren't most violent crimes committed with weapons? Getting punched or kicked is usually not lethal, however being attacked with a pipe, bat, machete or kitchen knife can be, yet most people don't know how to deal with this.

On Saturday, July 17th, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM Realfighting will present a class designed to help you protect yourself against edged weapons such as: machetes, kitchen knives, axes, folders as well as impact weapons such as: sticks, pipes, baseball bats, etc. This class is especially useful for Law Enforcement and Security Personal.

Instruction will be a combination of Floro Fighting Systems and Realfighting concepts. You will learn how to defend yourself with improvised weapons such as umbrellas, batons, plastic drink bottles, magazines as well as empty hands. You will also learn how to neutralize your attacker, win the encounter and either restrain and arrest him or to escape to safety.

*Certificates will be presented for attendees.  


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