CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


800 Meter Run

20 Handstand push-ups

400 Meter Run

20 Pull-ups

200 Meter Run

20 Ring Dips



Building The Death Grip  Possessing a powerful grip enhances your ability to hold barbells and hold yourself on a bar, a rope or rings.  More importantly, it enhances your combat ability–whether it's combat sports like judo, wrestling or jiujitsu or the actual, close quarter, life-and-death combat.  There are many ways to build a strong grip.  The guys from Diesel Crew, like co-author Jim Smith, offer some of the best advice and best training on the subject that can be found!  (Kudos to Nate Green, the co-author of this and the next re-post…Nate does the best interviews for TNation.com!)

15 Cool Nutrition Tips  Another re-post from TNation.com.  Co-author John Romaniello, in his words,  "I train people to look f'ing awesome." 

While we train for athletic performance and not for bodybuilding purposes we cannot deny that the bodybuilding community is where to obtain some of the best information on changing body composition.  There are those we train who have no need or desire for such information and some that do.  In any event John Romaniello offers interesting tips!  Use what you can and discard that which you find unnecessary.


We saw this on Conditioning Research and had to re-post!  Mikhail Koklyaev is a 32 year old, Russian weightlifting champion, powerlifter and strongman.  There are plenty of videos of strong men lifting huge weight, but the below video shows "Misha" squatting 290kg. with no hands!  290 kilograms is roughly 638 pounds for those of you not into converting the metric system.  We noticed on another website (if that website is indeed accurate) that about 95% of Koklyaev's training is on the Olympic lifts and their variations.  The rest is made of deadlifts, presses, farmers walk and some other strongman stuff.


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