CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


For reps:

 Push-ups for 2 minutes

 Sit-ups for 2 minutes

Strict pull-ups for 1 minute

Push press for 1 minute (75/50#)

Squats for 1 minute

Row for 1 minute (for calories)




We posted a link to this ad a while back, butt…I mean but, by popular demand it's back!  Some didn't catch it the first time.  What passes for "beautiful" or "ideal" often baffles us.  Those models and actresses that are 5'9" and weigh 100lbs. look sickly in our humble opinion. 



Big Jump  courtesy of Conditioning Research.


Muay Thai Boxing Champion MEHDI POUROSKOUI is presenting a 4 hour seminar covering stand-up skills for Thai and MMA at Vamos Brazilian Jiujitsu on SUNDAY, September 19th, 1-5 PM.

Pouroskoui is one of the few North Americans who has had the honor of fighting the Thai champions in their country at Lumpinee Stadium.  Here's a review from Kombat Arts Blog on a seminar Mehdi presented last year.

Mehdi isn't only a great combat athlete, but he's a highly regarded coach as well.  He is the founder and head instructor of KB-One Thai Boxing/Kickboxing.

Seminar cost is $95.00.  Pre-registration cost is $85.00. Bring a friend for an additional discount.  Mehdi doesn't get to our area often so take the opportunity now.  All experience levels are welcome…please bring the appropriate protective gear.

For further info or to register contact: WR at 212-255-1040.  You can also register at Vamos Brazilian Jiujitsu, 4713 Vet's Highway, Holbrook.  


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