CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


Run or Row 5K


5 rounds for time of:

10 Clean & Jerk

400 Meter run


Our roving photographer could have warned Mike that he was about to get his "grape crushed", but why ruin a good photo opportunity!


NO…Mike was actually aware of the medicine ball trajectory and deftly evaded!  No humans were injured during this photo.

To Get Smarter Take A Nap

The Art Of Napping

Minor Variations In One Gene May be Associated With Endurance Running

Making The Vegan Diet Work  A conversation with an athlete prompted this re-posting of Mike Mahler's article.  We are not advocates, but we recognize that some athletes prefer the Vegan/Vegetarian way.  Mike Mahler doesn't look like what the usual perception of a Vegan is, scrawny and malnourished.  In fact, besides being an excellent strength and conditioning coach, Mahler is muscular and quite strong.  Mac Danzig, the professional mixed martial artist, is also a vegan and his conditioning is outstanding.

We still believe that if animals were not meant to be eaten they wouldn't be made of meat, thank you very much!!


 Mac danzig Danzig

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