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Five rounds for time of:
50 Wall-ball shots with 20-pound ball to ten-foot target
25 Pull-ups

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SCALING:  Yes!  Don't be shy!


Functionality and Wallball, CrossFit Journal Issue 12, August 2003  Everything you wanted to know about Wall Ball, but were afraid to ask, by CrossFit's founder, Greg Glassman. 

DeFranco's Rules For Washed Up Meatheads  Courtesy of TMuscle.com.  Joe DeFranco is sought after by serious athletes so we pay attention to his words of advice.

A Beginner's Guide To Overhead Pressing

We are amused by men and women who half ask, half state, "women don't do pull-ups…right?!?!" 

Yes women can do pull-ups and where we're from it's quite common.

In this spirit we post the following video of Crystal West, age 44.  We first saw this on Ross Enamait's website.


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